The Northern Lights – an out-of-this-world sight

Visit Sweden:  You don’t need to travel to outer space to experience an out-of-this-world sight. The Northern Lights, often referred to as the greatest light show on earth, can be seen in Sweden from early September to late March.

Setting new standards for environmentally friendly building.

ABB:  One of the tallest wooden buildings in the world, Sara Cultural Centre in Skellefteå showcases some of the world's most advanced and sustainable smart building technology.

Västerås - one of the smartest cities in the world

ABB:  A collaboration between ABB and Mälarenergi has lead to the launching of an ambitious plan to minimize environmental impact.

Graphene - a new wonder material for a sustainable future.

ABB:  Using graphene could drastically reduce energy use for the future.

Boliden - a pioneer in sustainable mining.

ABB:  ABBs use of smart mining technology is increasing the sustainability of the mining industry.

Sculptur - a second life for plastic waste.

ABB:  With the help of an ABB robot waste can be turned into furniture in less than two hours.

4 Swedish fika classics

Visit Sweden:  The Swedish custom of ‘fika’ requires three things: good company, a cup of coffee and a sweet treat of your choice. Here are four delicious fika classics you must try.

Immerse yourself in the Swedish forest

Visit Sweden:  Few activities are as therapeutic as forest bathing. Sweden – with its varied terrain available to all – is the perfect setting for this soul-cleansing practice, far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

A trip to Sweden – an experience that truly offers something else

Visit Sweden:  With its inventive food scene, thrift and designer stores and enlightened city planning, there are many reasons to travel to Sweden besides its vast forests, picturesque islands and thousands of lakes.

What we do

Partners:  The Swedish Forest Industries Federation exists to bolster companies' competitiveness and work for the increased use of forest-based products.

Volvo Cars Torslanda becomes company’s first climate neutral car plant

Volvo Cars:  In March 2021 Volvo Cars announced that its manufacturing plant in Daqing, China had been powered by 100 per cent climate neutral electricity following the footsteps of the company’s other large Chinese manufacturing plant in Chengdu, which reached the same milestone in 2020.

Volvo Cars is the first car maker to explore fossil-free steel with SSAB

Volvo Cars:  Volvo Cars is teaming up with Swedish steel maker SSAB to jointly explore the development of fossil-free, high quality steel for use in the automotive industry.

Volvo Car Group and Northvolt to join forces in battery development and production

Volvo Cars:  Volvo Car Group intends to establish a joint venture with leading Swedish battery company Northvolt to develop and produce more sustainable batteries, tailored to power the next generation of pure electric Volvo and Polestar cars.

The Volvo Concept Recharge is a manifesto for Volvo Cars’ pure electric future

Partners:  For Volvo Cars, electrification is more than simply a shift in powertrains. It represents a new paradigm in car design and the Volvo Concept Recharge is a manifesto for the next generation of all-electric Volvos.


Partners:  Vibrations and noise can be annoying and even a threat to our wellbeing. Our solutions are used in many different environments to improve people’s quality of life.

Water infrastructure

Partners:  Access to water and sanitation are recognized by the United Nations as human rights, reflecting the fundamental nature of these basics in every person’s life.