New company to invest up to EUR 19 million in life science startups

SmiLe Incubator:   SmiLe Incubator is now launching SmiLe Inject Capital AB, the first angel investment company in Sweden that focuses solely on promising early-stage life science companies. The financing is provided by experienced business angels along with the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest.

Through INJECT, private investors are being offered the opportunity for the first time to benefit from SmiLe’s comprehensive life science expertise, international networks and unique insights into early- stage life science companies.

Investments will be made in companies that have participated in SmiLe’s incubator program for at least six months, or an equivalent program at a recognized innovation partner in Southern Sweden.

The aim is to invest EUR 3,9 million (SEK 40 million) in 10-15 promising life science companies over two years. There is also an opportunity for follow-on investments totaling EUR 15 million (SEK 150 million) through business angels and Saminvest’s Annexstruktur.

“I am incredibly proud and pleased that together with experienced business angels and Saminvest we can now launch SmiLe Inject Capital. All successful incubator environments worldwide are associated with capital and the fact that we can now offer innovative life science companies in Southern Sweden access to venture capital is an important milestone for SmiLe. This step also enables us to contribute to the development of more Swedish innovations that can stay in Sweden, which is crucial for us to maintain our international competitiveness,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

The business angels in SmiLe Inject include 11 well-known Swedish investors.

The initiative will help to strengthen the financial ecosystem for life science companies in Southern Sweden, thereby accelerating commercialization of innovations in pharmaceuticals, medtech and e- health.

“We are extremely pleased that Saminvest and SmiLe are now establishing a dedicated investment company for early-stage life science companies. SmiLe Inject Capital will be an important addition to the

Swedish life science industry, where access to both capital and ownership expertise are essential for companies to achieve successful development,” says Peder Hasslev, CEO of Saminvest AB.

SmiLe Incubator

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