About Altered

Altered:   Altered develops super simple retrofit solutions, so anyone can upgrade their existing product in less than a minute. Extending product life Reshaping the flow of water. Enabling savings without changing behavior. And not least – possible to install in the majority of the +9 billion taps and showers already on market today.

Making a difference – now

According to WWF water shortage will affect 75% of the global population by 2025.* And by 2030 the UN concludes we will face a 40% gap in water demand and availability.

Water use is also closely connected to climate change since it requires vast amounts of energy to pump, treat, transport and finally heat the water. It is commonly referred to as the water-energy nexus. In the USA, for example, 6% of the total energy production is used to transport water to municipalities. According to the IPCC, within 8 years the effects of climate change will be irreversible. We need to turn the tide now.

Simple Solutions – Small Changes – Huge Impact

So, how? We don’t believe climate change and water stress are single solution problems. Revolutionary, complex solutions take time to develop, test and implement before they will have impact. It is time we don’t have. We believe great impact, in the short term, comes through many small changes, made by millions of people. And they will need to be simple enough to create impact today. Before it is too late.