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A forest in the desert

For six months a global audience will be able to explore the best of Sweden – innovation, sustainability and tech excellence. In the desert of Dubai “The Forest” will be home of the Swedish contribution to the mega event Expo 2020. Here – on – you will find everything you need to know about the Swedish presence, partner activities and daily schedule.

As the world comes out of the global pandemic 192 countries will participate in Expo2020 held in Dubai, UAE. On an area twice the size of Monaco the countries pavilions are divided in three districts, Oportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

As Swedish minister of foreign trade, Anna Hallberg, has pointed out, this is “the singel largest export and investment promotion initiative from Sweden” over the coming years.

The Swedish presence is a collaboration between the Swedish government and many of our largest exporting companies, in total there are now 121 collaborative stakeholders.

Over the coming year will serve as a source for information and inspiration, with a constantly updated calendar with activities, themes and partner activities in the Swedish pavilion. Via agreements with leading global news providers, like CNN, Reuters, AP, AFP and others, you will also be able to follow the mutual Swedish impact made in global news feeds.

In the exhibition part of partner Showrooms – an opportunity to make exhibition material digitally accessible – are being added over the coming weeks.

Sweden’s physical pavilion “The Forest” is close to completion. It is designed to bring the spirit of the Swedish forests to Dubai’s desert.

The pavilion welcomes visitors from the entire globe to get a glance of the swinging pine trees, and wander the open ground floor. The pavilion draws its energy from the many solar panels, leading by example in the Sustainability district in Expo2020.

Entering the forest you will witness innovations aiming for a better tomorrow, be invited to the co-creation stage, engage in interactive parts of the exhibition, grow a tree and get a taste of Swedish “fika”.