From desert to forest - Minister for Foreign Affairs saw the result

News:  The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ann Linde, visited the Forest. It was during her time as the Minister for Trade that Sweden’s Expo journey began in 2017. Last time she was at the pavilion it was only desert.

Nordic piano concert for peace

News:  A peace concert with piano music from the Nordic countries was held at the Swedish pavilion, as part of the “Nordic Piano Music Week” at Expo . “The special thing with visiting Expo 2020 Dubai is that we spread the Nordic music”, says the Swedish pianist John Nalan.

The Green Skeikh visited the pavilion

News:  "The Green Sheikh" of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, entertained visitors at the Swedish pavilion with a talk as part of the series of speaking events during Water Week.

She will be representing UAE in the "Stockholm Junior Water Prize"

News:  Mishal Faraz was the winner of Water Alliance Associatios "RE-NEW Our World Student Water Innovation Challenge 2022". On Thursday she presented her "The Water Bottle Project" at the Swedish pavilion.

Electrical boats invented in Sweden

News:  The Water Week at the Swedish pavilion ha begun. A serious of events is taking place on the Co-creation stage. On Thursday Konrad Bergström, founder of X Shore, who makes hundred percent electrical boats.

Event to raise awareness about importance of forests

News:  “The forestry sector is a sector that can eventually make a huge difference”, says Ismahane Elouafi, Chief Scientist at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and moderator of the event that took place at the Swedish pavilion on the International Day of Forests.

Join the event on International Day of Forests

News:  The International Day of Forests will be celebrated in the pavilion on March 21. In the video you will hear Fredrik Ingemarson, Moderator of the International Day of Forests, talk about some of the highlights.

Regional meeting for Swedish ambassadors

News:  Swedish Ambassadors to the Middle East region had their regional meeting at the Swedish pavilion. It was an opportunity for them to meet but also visit their second countries pavilions.

Swedish cuisine - check out tutorials and innovations

News:  What do you know about the traditional Swedish cuisine and the new innovative food technology? Find out in the videoclip.

Sweden invited Malaysia to talk about wooden construction

News:  On Tuesday Staffan Schartner, Head of Construction, hosted the conference “Sustainable Forestry and Timber Construction” at the Swedish pavilion. Representatives from the Malaysian pavilion, amongst others, were invited to discuss and learn more about timber constructions and the benefits with wood.

Hear the traditional joik performance

News:  The Swedish artist Sara Ajnnak performed joik in the pavilion, traditionally sang by indigenous Sámi people.

Investment opportunities in the north of Sweden

News:  On Monday a delegation from Region Västerbotten visited the pavilion with the purpose of promoting companies from the region and to highlight the investment opportunities in the north.

Vernissage in the pavilion: "Art in the forest"

News:  A vernissage of the exhibition "Art in the forest" by the Swedish artist Fabian Edelstam took place in the forest during the weekend. Fabian Edelstam is represented in various collections around the globe including several Golf countries.

Electrolux planted a tree in the pavilion

News:  Electrolux, one of the official partners of the pavilion, hosted a three day trade event at Expo. One of the activities was to plant a symbolic tree at the Co creation stage, in order to shine light on sustainability.

Event to increased awareness of chronic kidney diseases

News:  On World Kidney Day AstraZeneca, on of the official partners, hosted an event at the Swedish pavilion in order to increase the awareness about chronic kidney disease.

International Day of Forests 2022

SLU:  Watch FAO's video about Forests and sustainable production and consumption.

Panels sharing career success stories

News:  On International Women's Day Transform8 in partnership with Swedish Business Council hosted the event "Role Models for Change" at the Swedish pavilion. Panelists were charing their career success stories and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Pavilion staff on gender equality

News:  Staff from the Swedish pavilion were asked what gender equality mean to them. Find out the answer in the video.

Gender equality for a sustainable future

News:  For International Women's Day Commissioner General of the Swedish pavilion, Jan Thesleff, talked about gender equality and why he has a signe on his desk with the message "Full time feminist".

Last month of Expo - this is going on at the pavilion

News:  We are now entering the last month of Expo 2020 and many activities will be happening at the Swedish pavilion - hear about them in the video.

Neighbourhoods of Tomorrow

Sweco:  When planning for increasing density and climate hazards, how do we create resilient societies?

Urban space for people on the move

Sweco:  What makes a great place? Holistic urban planning requires the involvement of citizens, different disciplines and other stakeholders, and there are proven methods that can support planners in achieving goals for sustainable city development.

Carbon cost in infrastructure: The key to the climate crisis?

Sweco:  Climate change has never been a more urgent global challenge. As world leaders gather at the climate summit COP 26 in November 2021 to discuss climate solutions for our planet, our focus at Sweco continues to be not only on how to address the climate crisis, but ways in which we can assist clients in making informed decisions on their carbon reduction ambitions.

Swedish smörgåsbord explained

News:  What does a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord contain and why do Swedish people eat what they eat? Chef Neil Ponsony explains.