Innovation for sustainable rotation

SKF:   Science tells us that climate change caused by human activity presents an existential threat to life on this planet. Greenhouse gas emissions need to reduce rapidly to net zero by 2050, and for this to happen, the global economy needs to transform from being dependent on fossil fuel to being carbon free, circular, and clean.

At the same time, there’s a lot we all take for granted. We’re counting on trams, trains, and buses to take us through our cities safely and effectively. We trust water treatment facilities to supply us with fresh water, and the food industry to safeguard us from allergens and bacteria. We expect wind farms to keep our lights on, and cars to be electric. There are a million other every day needs to satisfy – and a planet to take care of.

SKF has been around for more than a century and we are today one of the world’s largest supplier of bearings along with related services and solutions. Our largest contribution lies in what we can do with, and for, our customers; they need assets that can run longer, cleaner, and more safely. With a strategic focus on clean technology, we’re developing the solutions needed to help make industries competitive and support their need for rapid growth.

Our solutions are found everywhere in society, and since we’re such an important part of the everyday lives of people and companies around the world, we see it as a moral obligation to our customers, shareholders, employees, and future generations to do everything we can to help realize the transformation from fossil fuel dependency to carbon neutrality.

By making products lighter, more efficient, longer lasting, and repairable, as well as improving the performance of our customers’ own products, we intend to help our customers – and the industry as a whole – to reach significant energy and carbon savings. Or, as we’d like to call it: innovation for sustainable rotation.