Planning for climate adaptation

Sweco:   Global citizens have seen the impact on societies that is being caused by climate change. Yet many cities around the world have still not adapted to climate change. Urban climate adaptation is essential for the future health and sustainability of our cities. How do you take a city from a lack of climate adaptation plans to one that plans and implements?  

In order to deliver effective and equitable climate solutions, cities will need to accelerate and mainstream adaptation measures across all sectors of society. Our Urban Insight report: “Planning for climate adaptation” highlights a number of best practice cases that have been used for accelerating climate adaptation implementation in European cities, and their current effects. 

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Wholesome air and serene cities

Sweco:  Pollution affects millions of people every day. In cities around the world, urban citizens carry out their daily lives in densely populated areas, with varying concentrations of air pollutants. Heavy traffic can cause air and noise pollution, affecting the general wellbeing and health of urban populations.  

Health and well-being in urban environments

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Sustainable storm water management

Sweco:  Recent extreme weather conditions have been highlighted in news reports worldwide. Heavy rainfall has led to fatalities, severe flooding and damage to infrastructure. Heavy rainfall during 2021 led to tragic fatalities in many places. Damage to infrastructure, homes, motorways, bridges, and railway lines also occurred. At Sweco, we have investigated how sustainable storm water management can contribute to the creation of liveable cities.

Sweco: Future energy storage

Sweco:  Climate change is affecting citizens in every country, on every continent, all around the world. Reforming our energy system is one of the most important measures to mitigate climate change. An important aspect of this is energy storage. Only three per cent of our power capacity is being stored globally. To limit global warming below 2°C, energy storage capacity needs to triple by 2050.

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