Food safety

News:   Material expertize and engineering skills will provide you safe solutions to achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Tackling your most important issues

With a rapidly growing global population and increasing urbanization in combination with shrinking agricultural areas, we are facing some serious challenges that have to be met. If you are working with agriculture or forestry applications, you want to figure out how to increase the yield from the land or forest, while minimizing environmental impact and keeping costs under control.

Food approved hoses and liners

We like to support you with our diverse application expertise and decades of innovation experience to challenge known solutions. We know what it takes to secure the functionality of a solution, proving itself every day. We love to support you with solutions beyond products. We develop our own materials approved for BfR (BgVV) and FDA standards for milk carrying tubing and liners.

Make your business more sustainable

You want to increase yield, but not at the expense of the environment. If you use innovative materials and technology from Trelleborg, you can minimize the environmental impact of your farming business, while getting more from your production. By using the newest technical advancements, you will help protect centuries-old traditions, enrich food quality and protect the planet.


From desert to forest - Minister for Foreign Affairs saw the result

News:  The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ann Linde, visited the Forest. It was during her time as the Minister for Trade that Sweden’s Expo journey began in 2017. Last time she was at the pavilion it was only desert.

Nordic piano concert for peace

News:  A peace concert with piano music from the Nordic countries was held at the Swedish pavilion, as part of the “Nordic Piano Music Week” at Expo . “The special thing with visiting Expo 2020 Dubai is that we spread the Nordic music”, says the Swedish pianist John Nalan.

The Green Skeikh visited the pavilion

News:  "The Green Sheikh" of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, entertained visitors at the Swedish pavilion with a talk as part of the series of speaking events during Water Week.

She will be representing UAE in the "Stockholm Junior Water Prize"

News:  Mishal Faraz was the winner of Water Alliance Associatios "RE-NEW Our World Student Water Innovation Challenge 2022". On Thursday she presented her "The Water Bottle Project" at the Swedish pavilion.

Electrical boats invented in Sweden

News:  The Water Week at the Swedish pavilion ha begun. A serious of events is taking place on the Co-creation stage. On Thursday Konrad Bergström, founder of X Shore, who makes hundred percent electrical boats.

Event to raise awareness about importance of forests

News:  “The forestry sector is a sector that can eventually make a huge difference”, says Ismahane Elouafi, Chief Scientist at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and moderator of the event that took place at the Swedish pavilion on the International Day of Forests.

Join the event on International Day of Forests

News:  The International Day of Forests will be celebrated in the pavilion on March 21. In the video you will hear Fredrik Ingemarson, Moderator of the International Day of Forests, talk about some of the highlights.

Regional meeting for Swedish ambassadors

News:  Swedish Ambassadors to the Middle East region had their regional meeting at the Swedish pavilion. It was an opportunity for them to meet but also visit their second countries pavilions.

Swedish cuisine - check out tutorials and innovations

News:  What do you know about the traditional Swedish cuisine and the new innovative food technology? Find out in the videoclip.