Renewable Energy & Power Generation

News:   Urban innovations. Affordable and clean energy. The world is making progress towards the renewable energies. Wind turbines and solar panels are an increasingly common.

Allow for an evolution in energy

Renewable energy sources are looking stronger than ever. The capacity of wind installations is doubling every five years, with solar power also making rapid gains. As hydroelectric power grows more attractive, there are also new solutions pushing wave power toward commercial reality. 

Drive innovation

By taking early advantage of innovative renewable and power generation technologies, the energy market can meet growing demands in a manageable and profitable way.

To increase energy generation and efficiency, it is necessary to turn to innovations and new ideas. Solutions that help you overcome complexity when it comes to adopting dynamic and disruptive technologies and find viable forms of renewable energy. Always at the forefront of technology, we offer onshore and offshore wind energy solutions, solar & hydro power and propulsion technology, as well as electrical and electronic equipment.

Handle risk management

Renewable energies can be very demanding applications, with a lot of wear and tear. You have to handle volatile market dynamics when it comes to deciding between equipment replacement and extended maintenance. Learn about the best ways to effectively manage down cost and reduce uncertainty when it comes to expanding capacity or extending service life.


Astronauts open the gates to Expo

News:  Find out how to travel to Mars through virtual reality and much more at our daily Expo Update.

Travel to Mars - through virtual reality

News:  Have you ever dreamt about going to space without actually going to space? This week visitor at the Swedish pavilion at Expo are able to take a walk on Mars through virtual reality.

Touch the Moon at Expo 2020

News:  Nothing is impossible at expo not even reaching for the moon. Discover all the different space activities available at Expo 2020.

Fuglesang: "Thanks to space we can understand Earth"

News:  Interview with the only Swede that has been to space - Christer Fuglesang.

Christer Fuglesang launches us into Space

News:  One man space shuttles to mars and putting sunshades to control climate change, discover this and more during the space week opening ceremony.


News:  Sobi is an international biopharmaceutical company focused on rare diseases. We are dedicated to providing access to innovative treatments that transform life for people with rare diseases.

Live - Space week opening ceremony

News:  Watch the space week opening ceremony live from the Swedish pavilion at 16:00 (UTC +04:00).

Space Week Grand Opening

News:  Join us at the Swedish Pavilion as we inaugurate the Space Week at the Expo 2020 in Dubai.

ExpoUpdate - World Food Day

News:  What is your favorite Swedish food? As the Expo celebrates World Food Day we ask the people at the IKEA café about famous Swedish dishes.