This is circular economy in the Swedish forest sector

News:   Forest-based products are part of a natural, circular ecocycle that begins and ends with photosynthesis. Active forest management and the products from the forest create the conditions for a closed loop that absorbs, binds and sequesters carbon dioxide.

How the Swedish forest sector’s circular ecocycle works:

  1. Carbon dioxide: Through photosynthesis, growing trees convert sunlight, carbon dioxide in the air and water in the land into wood. The carbon dioxide is bound up in the growing trees.
  2. Forest: When the trees are fully grown, they are harvested. For each tree harvested, at least two new ones are planted.
  3. Production: The trees that are harvested become products such as houses, furniture, paperboard, packaging, paper and textiles. These products continue to sequester the carbon bound in the growing trees.
  4. Innovation: Products and processes are continuously being developed to secure greater resource efficiency and a higher degree of refinement.
  5. Recycling: Paper and packaging have a high degree of recyclability. Around 80 % become new materials. The wood fibre can be recycled up to seven times.
  6. Bioenergy: When the wood fibre is used up, it can be combined with residual products from the forest industry and turned into bioenergy for heating, power and fuels. The biogenic carbon dioxide which is then released is once again absorbed by growing trees. Thus the ecocycle is closed.


How to celebrate Christmas at Expo

News:  With Christmas just around the corner many festive activities are taking place at Expo. In the Swedish pavilion a Christmas tree was decorated on Monday to get into the Christmas spirit.

Make your own print at the Co-creation stage

News:  At the Co-creation stage at the Swedish pavilion you can choose your own print through 3D-glasses, to put on a t-shirt or tote bag. Anders Strindlund, store supervisor at the Swedish impact store, shows how the prints are made.

UAE Minister on deploying AI to improve quality of life

News:  AI Minister Omar Al Olama discusses investing in infrastructure to be part of the "trillions of dollars of impact" that he anticipates 5G will have, and utilizing AI for efficiency gains and to improve quality of life.

November 27 - chess world championship started

News:  ExpoUpdate publishes a show summarizing the latest news and stories from Expo and the Swedish pavilion in Dubai. This week focus has been on the start of chess world championship.

How to get around Expo - three different ways

News:  The Expo site is huge, so in order to visit all of the 192 pavilions you have to be smart. ExpoUpdate tried out the different ways to get around Expo.

Towards a greener future - these are the strategies

News:  A sustainable future was the topic when the Swedish Business Council invited to a Nordic sundowner at the pavilion this week. The two Swedish companies Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak was there to talk about their plans for a greener future. 

Chess master ready to defend his title

News:  The chess world championship will be held at Expo in Dubai, between Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen and Russian challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi. On Wednesday there was an opening ceremony and on Friday they will play their first game out of 14.

More than four million visitors in seven weeks

News:  In seven weeks 4,1 million people have visited Expo in Dubai, according to The National News. The interest for the online experience has been big as well with 22 million virtual visitors.

3 cool hotels in northern Sweden

VisitSweden:  Sweden is studded with unique hotels close to nature, offering a once in a lifetime experience. Here are three cool accommodations in northern Sweden, perfect for a winter wonderland vacation. Which one will be on top of your bucket list?